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Building acoustics and noise insulation

Building acoustics and noise insulation

Since our founding in 1962, we have been dedicated to addressing all acoustic challenges with passion. Today, we take pride in being one of the largest acoustic offices in Germany. Our main focus is on sound protection for buildings to ensure the highest quality of stay. We create healthy living and working conditions and protect against disruptive noise, whether it comes from inside the building, external noise from traffic and industry, or technical facilities. Our services are comprehensive and available for all types of buildings. In coordination with the client, we meet all legal requirements (including DIN 4109).

With our wide range of services in the areas of building physics, sustainability, fire protection, among others, we can create holistic offers for projects of all kinds. Projects range from renovations and extensive new constructions to the development of areas. We support various companies and stakeholders throughout the entire construction process, starting from basic data collection through all phases of the HOAI to acceptance measurements.

Our Basic Services

Our Basic Services

  • Interior sound protection for all types of buildings
  • Airborne and impact sound insulation
  • Operation of building technical systems
  • Sound protection against external noise
  • Sound emission protection
  • Sound protection verification according to DIN 4109
Continuously Growing Expertise and Individual Consultation

Continuously Growing Expertise and Individual Consultation

Through our active participation in research and standardization efforts, we can customize planning services, leverage our knowledge advantage, and minimize costs and risks.

Our certified VMPA sound protection testing center is equipped with building acoustics measurement vehicles, allowing us to assess the achieved sound technical quality on-site and continually expand our expertise based on these findings.

With our acoustic test bench, we offer our clients the verification of building products. The understanding gained about the sound technical properties of components also informs our consulting activities for our clients.

Our close collaboration with our specialized sister companies within the Müller-BBM corporate group ensures comprehensive solutions with an eye for detail.

1 Future Art Lab, Vienna, Toni Rappersberger
2 German Football Museum, Dortmund, Boris Golz